"Added to Ban list" glitch- Gmod

I was playing on a gmod server when I got disconnected and got the message, “Added to Ban list.” I asked an admin of the server if I got banned and he said no. I verified my game cashe and tried to get back on but the problem was that it wasn’t in my favorites anymore. I then tried to join a friend who was on the same server at the time but it said the server was not responding. The owner then unbanned my ip but it still doesn’t appear. What should we do to fix this? Thank you for reading this and have a good day.

Did you visit any websites before you were banned? Or if someone sent you one.

It’s been going around for a while now where it will use stuff such as an iframe on a site to send TCP connections to SRCDS and get your IP banned. To clear this, I believe the server needs to be restarted as the ban isn’t to any file.

These are contradictory, but generally you get banned by Steam ID… it’s quite rare to get IP banned from a server given how easy it is to circumvent.

Try contacting the server owner and seeing if they are willing to double check or do a server reboot.

No I don’t think anyone has sent a website to me and if they did I didn’t open it.

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I contacted the server owner and he said he unbanned my ip and my steam Id. He also told me that he would reset the server tonight.

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You were right, the server owner reset the server and I was able to join. Thank you guys so much for the help!