Added to banlist?

Hello there!

I was in a DarkRP server (one which i moderate) when i was asked to goto someone, and when i did, he told me there was Mass RDM and sent me a link. I alt-tabbed from Gmod and looked at the image, upon alt tabbing back, i was greeted by the message

Disconnected: Added to ban list

I try to reconnect, but the server is offline to me, but not to others. I can goto other servers but this one.

Server owner said i wasn’t in the ban list, and noone banned me.

After i checked the internet, could this have to do with the cheaters.cfg? I never hacked gmod, or any steam game, and i have no idea why this just happened.


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I figured it out, it was a hacker

The guy’s profile is this: I remember because he used to be in the server :confused: