Added to Banlist.

So today on my favorite server I was playing normally after i played 2-3h server just kicked me and said “added to ban list” Now
I cant see or even join the server. But other people are on. If your banned from a server you can still see it and join but when you join it says youve
been banned and kicks you. PLEASE HELP! people even tried to unban me but it doesnt work!

Owner said nobody banned me and i was moderator so nobody can ban me.

Reinstalled my garrys mod with whole steam
Rebooted my PC,router,IP

What can i do or what can owner do to unban me?

If they are using ULX on their server tell them to use this command in their console.

Ulx unban [your SteamID here]

The best option is to try to find out if THAT server has a forums where you can post an unban request.

It means you were IP banned

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go to banned_ip.cfg in /cfg

delete ip

We tryed to unban
my ip/steamid is not on even on banlist

here you can see banned_Ips

This issue is usually resolved by restarting the server, you’ve been IP banned but you are not listed in banned_ip.cfg.

Have the owner go into server console and do removeip <your ip here>

Should do the trick.