Addict Achievement

According to steam stats, 0.2% of gmod players have got that achievement, but it has not yet even been a year I believe since achievements came out, anyone know how could have?

Double checked, achievements were added in July 2009

People with epic hacks?
I like your avatar by the way.

Thanks smiles, and yeah I kinda assumed so, but assumed the kind of hack needed to get an achievement that is time based, would , wait, Gmod doesn’t have vac does it? never mind

I imagine the devs will be given all achievements for testing purposes.

Oh yeah, I didn’t think of that either, that is likely the source smiles was just rather puzzling me.

They used a program like SAM that unlocked all there achievements for them.

Yeah I think so too smiles.

Bye bye waves.

They used an unlocker

presses reply I think they may have used the same thing as they do for TF2’s Achievement unlocker. presses submit reply

they used a unlocker because the achievement is nearly impossible.

I guess that about 96% of the people who has that achievement used the achievement unlocker.

At the moment is is impossible, as achievements haven’t been around for a year yet.

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Well I Have That Achievement smiles

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presses keys They used an achievement unlocker presses :downs: button


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