Adding a bit of a karma system to slow down bad guys?

Hey there,
My firends and I (up to 10 ppl) were playing on various servers for a while, but after a few days on mostly every Server, the same Problem appeared.

Some bad guy(s) - mostly single persons or up to packs of 3 - started attacking and raiding us.
To be clear, I like the fact, that you can be attacked and raided. but what kills the fun is, to be spawn camped for several hours or days.

What pisses me of most, is the fact, that some people kill for their fun. or for the “frustration” of the killed guys.
And to be honest… killing unarmed newly “arrived” people does not give you any benefit, other the the “fun” of doing it.

My suggestion is to introduce a small karma-like system.
When you kill people, your negative-karma increases - and the higher your negative-karma is, the more you attract the bad animals or what ever will come in the future.

So, when you only exist on a server to kill folks, you’ll have a hard time after some slaughter, because you won’t get those creeps off your back.

After some time (and dying [but only amount X in timespan Y]) the negative-karma evolves back to a normal (zero?) value.

Think of it as “blood on his hands” value.

I wouldn’t add any graphical effects on a bad karma (like in several MMOs [red IG-names or so]). The attracted creeps will be effect enough.

All this, would make people think more about who and why to kill someone.

What are your thoughts about this?
Am I the only one annoyed by some random shooters?

Cheers ~Nex

They have stated numerous times that they have no plans of adding an artificial means of indicating “bandits” as doing so kind of places a restriction on what people do. Especially if doing bad things somehow makes you more of a target for NPCs. Granted perhaps this could be done as a mod somewhere along the line.

And just for the record, people tend to go naked but in actuality have a whole mess of stuff on their person. Since there is no way short of seeing someone spawn in front of you to tell who is a fresh spawn and who is trying to be “clever” is why you see so many fresh spawns killed. And it will remain that way as again having some sort of new spawn indicator would be “artificial” and take from the flow of the game.

This has been discussed before and the answer from the community is for the most part a resounding “No”, with good reason.

players will often emulate being a newspawn to get the drop on other players. i’ve seen nakeds with shotguns wait until they get nice and close (holding a torch out) to a unwitting victim, then unload the shotty into their face and loot them.

it sucks that people bandit people who pve, but that’s the nature of the game. and bandits make a name for themselves. i’m normally a friendly roaming hobo, but there are certain names that when i see them, i kill em immediately because i remember what they play like:)

make it costly for better equiped players to kill lesser equiped or recently joined players (nakeds) like wear down armor or use more ammo.

That is probably one of the worst suggestions I’ve ever seen. That completely removes the use of cloth armor. Make completely naked men harder to kill than one wearing clothes? There is no logic in that. If you want to survive, learn to hide.

Actually that explains why every war is fought completely naked.

Maybe if you couldn’t craft bullets, but rather find/pickup casings actually discharged by other players or in the world and reuse those.

At least it’d make killing people with zero gear a lot less worth it versus the annoyingness of having to pick up your rounds again.

You guys dont get it. It is, always has been, and always will be worth killing nakeds. At least 1/4 are just pretending to be new spawns, or were just too lazy to put on clothes, or forgot, or dont think it matters. The loot you get from those guys will always make it worth the bullets.

If you literally have nothing, whats your complaint? Fact is, people moan about being shot naked precisely because they lost a ton of loot.

I completely agree, except for your very last bit. Being killed as a literal fresh spawn is annoying, and especially if you are on a popular server where you see someone every 2-3 minutes or so. I’ve never really lost a whole lot as a naked, but getting shot just because you might have something gets annoying pretty fast. But you’re right, the chance that someone does have even a shitty gun on them makes it worth the bullets you spend on the rest.

Most annoying part is when youre trying to find your buddies for the first time on a new server. You run from hangars to Next Valley just to get shot & now spawn in Hacker Valley South.

Get better.

Who forces you to run from that place to the other ? f1-suicide until you spawn close to that .

This is such a crap suggestion, not to flame but it’s just a bad idea…rust is 50% (at least ) about killing other people

Suicide for ages? There is not guarantee that I’ll spawn anywhere close to my buddies.
I just stated it’s a bitch when people kill you when you have been running for ages.

We do have a karma system on our pvp server, but as it’s hardcore pvp it doesn’t really matter, everybody has bad karma :slight_smile: Also it’s only cosmetic and does not affect the gameplay itself.

Then what about getting around this “hiding ur weapons” Problem?

Isugest, reducing the inventory, and adding stuff like backpacks where you can store stuff. other than that, your Weapons and stuff would be directly visible on your body. like in the Belt, or with a sling on your back. or something.

Then, you can clearly see who is a small guy and does not carry mutch arround.
Or who is a big fish and is currently moving all his stuff to a new location.

Just reducing the Inventory space to a quarter of the current (old) Inv. would reduce the killing and stuff a lot, because they need to empty their bags more often. And if they kill, they only take what they need not what they can get.

Building on this, they should add a way for people to enter other peoples inventory, with their permission ofcourse. (dont want it to be abused)
Then people can rob/inspect other peoples inventory making sure that they have nothing of value, without killing them.

yeah i definately think this is a good idea. mostly the visible “belt” items, as i can’t see someone carrying an m4 on their person not being damn obvious… but i would happily wear a loss of inventory space to gain backpacks too:)

I said more costly to kill not harder. You should read more carefully.