Adding a button to entity (cam3D2D)

I am making a money printer for DarkRP, I want to add a button using cam3D2D that will upgrade the printer, I can do the upgrade part, I just need to know how to make a button!

You could use a trace and then translate the position to where it is on the surface and do some range checks.
Just an idea, would be tedious to implement.

Ok, will try that, thanks!

If anyone has any other ideas please comment!

I Googled “garrysmod 3d2d button” and came up with this:

And I found a video that demonstrates some 3D2D button stuff:

If you are looking for functionality similar to the video, I would suggest the first 2 links I posted.

Thank you so much G4MB!T !!!

Handsome Matt already made a library specifically for this kind of thing