Adding a laser to my Portal Turret NPC? (And other things)


For the laser I think you need to use this :

And for making it hate the player use this :


Sorry but all you’re doing is placing a turret with a portal model… You’ll have to do more then just that to be able to add a laser and everything else.


Don’t release it, unless you want to get flamed to death for a 5-second work. All you did was copy a few lines of code and modify the model property, anybody with half of a brain and the ability to use a keyboard would be able to do that.

I suggest you go and learn some real Lua (as in, actual programming) over there before you try releasing anything.
Everything you release before you can understand how the language works WILL be complete shit because you didn’t code anything, you just copied code from someone else and replaced a few words that anyone would be able to understand.

It takes some time but it’s worth it.


Don’t argue, you obviously don’t know how to code at all, so nobody will be able to help you. Go to the wiki, start with the lua tutorial series (read them ALL, again and again until you understand them, even though it’s boring), then read the Lua articles and try to make some simple scripted entities.


Those are useful links too.
You can’t do anything decent until you perfectly master the language, I know what I’m talking about.