Adding a media player into map / hammer

Hi. Im trying to add this to my world, but im not sure how i would do it and make it work.

Going on a guess here
You could create a
mediaplayer_tv entity and place it in hammer where you want it.

Im not sure how i make hammer include the file or entity, im new but trying to learn fast.

Yeah that is good just compile and see if that works.

Oh thanks. that did the trick. Any clue how i change the model

the prop on the left is a max size plate and the prop to the right is the normal tv prop from gmtower.
as they both is the same enitity name im not sure how i would change it

Unfortunately after looking into it, the way the entity is coded their isn’t a way to change it in hammer. You would have to edit the code for the entity for that to show the full size model.

Damn. Well thanks for the help anyways :slight_smile: