Adding a menu to an entity?

I’m trying to add a menu to an entity using HTML or Derma, but I have no clue what the functions to do so are. I would like to design the menu in HTML if possible, then have it rendered as text on the entity.

If it’s not possible to do this in HTML, then how would I go about doing this with Lua?

Well if you want to draw something cool on the entity try with 3D2D… but i don’t think you can draw derma that way… :confused:

You can (could?). First google result I get for ‘3d2d derma’ is

Thanks, I’ll look into using 3d2d on Gmod13.

There’s a great guide about derma here.

If you have trouble understanding it try copying and pasting it inside a test.lua file. If you aren’t familiar with lua scripts goto garrysmod\lua and create your test.lua then inside your game’s console type:

lua_openscript_cl test.lua

Lua files auto refresh in GM13, stop using the old wiki for things that are on the new wiki.