Adding a model to a map.

Hello, I am making a map for gmod in hammer and I have a cookie model, I need to know the best way of using it for my gamemode by having it in the map, I have tried adding an entity (prop_static) into my map, but I am unsure of how to set a texture to it.

with the prop_static you slect the model in the World Model part there no need to set a texture, If te model don’t show up when you set it look at the model info tab and check it can be used as a prop_static and not just a prop_dynamic or prop_physics if it is you’ll have to use an override with the model to make it static

Drop your cookie model into the randomfoldername. It can be whatever name you want
Then open the gmod hammer and create a prop_static entity in the world, and find your model in the world model browser.
Hope I helped

first, the model must be in the .mdl format, you can find tutorials on all that
second, the texture has to have both a .vtf and .vmt to work properly, which you can also find tutorials on

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after that put the vtf/vmt in the materials folder and the .mdl in the models folder