Adding a Parachute with Patrol Helicopter

Hello! I’m sure you’ve all seen the making of a patrol helicopter on trello.
I thought a parachute would be a good addition along with it!
There seems to be the resources in this post apocalyptic world, and it may come in handy…
especially for jumping of my base! xD
Tell me what you think! ^^

Good idea i like

Sounds like fun^^

Sounds awesome!


how are you going to parachute out when you won’t even be in the helicopter?

read what OP posted again

OT: sounds pretty sweet, it could also be kinda expensive…

They are going to make it driveable at some point, I hope they change their mind

where did you read this?

No they’re not. The patrol helicopter will be an event, like the air drop.

Well… that gave me a softy.


Why would you need a interior if you won’t be able to drive it / be in it?

To be honest I was future proofing the heli to a certain degree, thats why I went ahead and did a simple interior.

Wow this would be so great!
But id like to see 1 jump = 1 use
With 3 charges?
1 parachute would need to cost about
30 leather, 50 cloth and 5 low quality metall
with a crafting time of 60 secounds at a workbench?

Helk said himself it would, it will also have rocket pods to blow up buildings. Let’s hope that all changes.

Oh dear god what were they thinking there? People will get so pissy about that lol

i get excited when i see models of anything, anybody else :D.

idagf what they wanna make loool

heli’s, rifles, whatever im happy to see progress! screw being picky.