Adding a playable piano to my map.

I am making a Gmod map for my cinema server.
How would i place a playable piano or an arcade machine in it and be able to interact with it?

When i load the map up i cant interact with the arcade machine, it only loads the model.



what did you do to add the entity to your map?

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adding the model itself isn’t the right idea

you need to add a custom entity with the name that is the class name of the piano/arcade

load up your map in singleplayer without the model in it, place the piano where you want it, then look directly at it and open your console

[lua]lua_run print(player.GetByID(1):GetEyeTrace().Entity:GetClass())
lua_run print(player.GetByID(1):GetEyeTrace().Entity:GetAngles())
lua_run print(player.GetByID(1):GetEyeTrace().Entity:GetPos())[/lua]

then place a custom entity marker in your map with the class name, and set its position/angles to what were printed to your console