Adding a "Respected" user group through ULX?

`So, I run a DarkRP and some of my players love using E2 and other wire stuff, but for me, it’s too risky if new players spawn in and begin randomly spawning stuff that will ruin player experience.

I would like to know how I can add a “Respected” user group to ULX so that I can move people over there and only Respected or higher can use advanced wire stuff, but new players/ normal users can’t. How do I do that?

Also, I’d love so Super Admins does not have single thing limited!

You can make the new respected group via the ulx menu. and for restricting tools and such, use this module.

Thank you so much!

I ran into a problem. I can use the tool for like restricting default gmod tools. But wire, I can’t.

Under “Target” I write e.x “rope”, that works fine, but not if I use “wire_forcers”, “wire forcers” “forcers” so on. :frowning: