Adding admins/mods

Hello, I’ve been searching for a while now trying to figure out how to add admins and mods to my server with no success.
I have the list of commands etc. but don’t know how to actually set someone as an admin/mod. Any help please ?

Hi, thank you for the link, I already came across that guide but I’m not sure what console I should type that in. I’m hosting my server on ‘‘daemonservers’’

I’ve had the same issue before. I got a way to make it work tho…
Assuming your server provider provides you with a File Manager in the control panel, browse to:

(Replace server_identity with your own, if you’re not sure, there’ll likely be just 1 folder anyway)

In the cfg folder create a file called users.cfg
Add the following line, containing your own ID and name:

According to, your line would be like:

(No idea with “no reason” does, the server added this after a restart, I entered it without.)

Edit: The source where I found the solution is in the link provided in the forum post mentioned above. To be precise: under section ‘Moderating’

That worked perfectly, thank you very much!
As stated in the blog, being a mod/admin gives you instant and free craft which is kind of annoying when you just want to moderate your server while playing!

Glad I could help :slight_smile: