Adding Advanced Dupliacator to server

How can i add Advanced Duplicator to the server?
How do i make myself Manager (Owner) and Others Super Admin.
I don’t understand how too.

You add Adv. Duplicator to the server as you would to your client Garrysmod files. And For the second question, I recommend getting one of the admin mods available for servers, they have some neat features.

Thank you, i knew you could add addons like that, but i thought you needed a place to store your own webspace… but i figured it out, thanks(:

As admin mod, i recommend Exsto, it has lots of features :wink:
Add some construction tools to your server, like Wenlis tools,Smart Constraint, Weight tool, multi no clip… These are the basics…

And add the Smart Snap addon too, it creates a snap-able grid on props, very useful for precision and Wiremod, it’s a really cool addon that let’s you make contraptions using gates and wire. I recomend that you search some tutorials for it, specially for Expression 2 Gates (E2)