Adding an incomplete script could get you banned?


No, it means broken useless shit.

And does adding a “virus” get you banned too? I guess so

How long would you be banned? Perma?

Depends on the severity.

Good to see some quallity control here Garry. I love this, but at first I was afraid it would get clogged with stupid shit.

Good to see thats not the case though :smile:

Thank god there is punishment for this.

I’ve seen a couple traps that simply crash your game when activated. Might just be me, but it looked like a trap. Is there a button to flag?

In one of blog posts Garry said that players should press “malicious” button. I think, “malicious” is same as “buggy”. Or it’s (!) button in top-left corner, but only TEAM GARRY have access to it.

So all this time I might have been reporting all the buggy stuff as malicious? :ohdear:

Garry’s likely to needle you at some point and ask waht you meant when you rated it buggy.

**Edit: **go ahead, rate me bad spelling, I don’t care