Adding an Lua syntax highlighter

It would be greatly helpful if an Lua syntax highlighter was in this editor:

I have to constantly go back to Notepad++ to check if the functions I used were right and if they even existed.

Back and fowards between Notepad++ and?

It is annoying? I don’t think it would be that hard to implement since it already has a basic Lua highlighter.

Yeah it’s so annoying, it’s much less annoying to go back and forwards between the game and an ingame version of notepad++?

Or is it exactly the same thing?

Why is this in toybox?

I guess.
Wait, did you just hint that you might let us edit in-game?

You could allways use LuaPad and rawio.

LuaPad plays off Rawio i believe. lol. Id recommend it.

Oh yeah lol.

Indeed, I use Luapad.
One more thing.
Windowed mode. Use it.