Adding animations from one model to another?

I want to copy the animations for Combine Soldiers (rappeling, doorkick, etc) for The Resistance to use.

Is this possible? It’s for an HL2 mod a friend and I are working on.

The animations are just to experiment with what we can work with for side characters and the such$includemodel

That´s the command, but that´s not all.
You must to put that command in your .qc, put the animations that uses the combine and then compile it.
Don´t forget to actually put the anims on your target folder for the compiler to use those anims.

That´s all you have to know

Include this in your .qc

$includemodel “combine_soldier_anims.mdl” // combine animations
$includemodel “police_animations.mdl” // metrocop animations

Results may vary, the skeletons are not 100% identical so you might run into some problems with the fingers. Nothing you can do about that.

That’s not how the $includemodel command works. Files are included at runtime, they’re not compiled into the model; that’s what $sequence does.
You just need to have the included file in your mod’s /model folder, if you want to include files contained in subfolders you’ll have to type them in aswell (ex. replace “combine_soldier_anims.mdl” with “combine\combine_soldier_anims.mdl”).