Adding Citizen animations to a Valve Biped Model.

Hey Guys,
Today I have a pickle of a problem.
I am making a nextbot of Kate from Slender the Arrival.

I have a player model here, of her ported model on a standard Valve skeleton.

I was wondering if someone could add the citizen animations to it, and send it over to me.
I am currently coding the npc with a citizen placeholder.
I tried to add the animations myself, but to no avail.

ToReiterate: I need all HL2 citizen animations on this, so I can put it on a nextbot, that I built using a citizen model as a placeholder.

Please help,

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$includemodel f_anm.mdl


$includemodel humans/female_shared.mdl
$includemodel humans/female_ss.mdl
$includemodel humans/female_postures.mdl
$includemodel humans/female_gestures.mdl

1 question.

How do I edit the qc of the model.
Then recompile it?

Here’s a good tutorial.


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I decompiled the model with crowbar.
Then edited the qc.
And I tried recompiling.
No dice. Error: Missing file.
I never moved te file.

Did you use the correct file paths?

I told it to extract the qc to the same place I was storing the model.
Then I tried recompiling after editing.

You mind posting the .qc here? Maybe I can help ( even though I’m not pro)