Adding Combine Footsteps?


So, recently I’ve been playing some HL2; I’ve noticed something…

The combine NPCs in HL2 tend to have a big “thump” foot sound every time they walk around, however in GMOD, all combine do not have footsteps.
I was wondering if there was any possible way of adding the combine footsteps into GMOD. The reason behind this is I just want some added flavour with the combine.

I have tried some things like switching sounds using GCFScrape, but no luck with that.

If you can give any help, I would be very grateful.



Do you know the footstep sound location? If so, post it here and I might help you out.

The HL2 footstep sounds are located in the hl2_sound_misc_dir.vpk. You’ll need to extract the files using GCSFscrape, then in the folder sound/npc/combine_soldier.

I’ve also noticed in GMOD there’s no radio chat from the combine soldiers. (So when I threw a grenade at them, they wouldn’t scream ‘shit’ and stuff like that.)

The voiceovers for them are included in that same sound folder but under npc/overwatch then you’ve got city voice and radio voice.

If you could help me to actually install these sound files into GMOD, I’d be thankful.

bump. Really need some help here.

If anyone can help me, please do.

I’ve been trying all sorts of things to get this to work.