Adding content

Sorry if this is the wrong forum to place this question in.

Is it possible to add things (for lack of a better word) downloaded from the Toybox to your server? I want to add a weapon I liked from the Toybox onto my server so that my friends and I can use it.

If so, would you mind explaining how? I’ve had no luck googling an answer.

I’m sorry to say this, but If you don’t know how I think you had better not try. First of all the custom content need to be carefully tossed on the server to work and there’s also problem with most weapons needing special care taking to work on multiplayer properly. After all they’re made for singleplayer toybox, at least most of them. It’s a bit different to code weapons for SP than MP.

There’s no google answer as there’s no guaranteed way to get it working. Most often stuff is also on with a proper server version (or not so proper, but still).

Ok, thank you.