Adding CS:S models and textures to gmod maps

I own both Counter Strike : Source and Gmod 10, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to configure hammer to include Cstrike models and materials.

Adding the cstrike.fgd only allows me to use the entities(such as info_player_terrorist), not the actual content.

I considered making the map in the default CS:S configured Hammer, but that would force me to compile on the EP1 engine, not the orange box, though I’m not sure if that matters too greatly actually.

I am grateful for any solutions.

Place the models and materials into the proper folder for whatever game. so use gcf scape and extract from models and materials from CS:S , then place them in your gmod folder at

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\ItSoBiG322\garrysmod\garrysmod\materials


C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\ItSoBiG322\garrysmod\garrysmod\models

Is that really the only way? Gosh that’s going to take up a lot of space. Thanks for providing a solution, anyways.

Not that much. Usually under a gig.

Probably about 500mb.

More like 1.25 gig, the materials take up a whole gig themselves.
How can you know if you don’t own the game anyway?

I thought that when you install both, Source SDK Base AND O-Box, you just have to load the NON-Hl2 related game (in this case CSS) and it will automaticly load Hl2 Textures and shit, you just have to DONT MAKE A SPAWN, save it, than load back into hl2ep2 than make all the other hl2 entities like the spawn.
this is how i do it.

Also you need to convert the folder materials/ of the CS:S with vtfedit and put in sourcesdk_content/hl2/materialscr/. Use the option in the program Tools > Convert folder > **to tga *.vtf **. So with this feature you can see the materials in your HL2 hammer or whatever, more easily to map.


No you don’t.

Why would you do that?

It should already be in gmod? Mine is

I got it to work by using the default configuration for Counter Strike: Source in Hammer and then loading HL2’s FGD. I was sure that it would work either way, but seeing as it’s not apparent in your case, you could give it a try.

The .fgd’s only contain the entities.

Then how come it worked? I have access to all of hl2’s models, npcs, entities, and textures. Perhaps it’s because there’s a pointer in the .fgd

CS:S already has HL2 materials.