Adding custom class to DarkRP, MODEL IS BROKEN

Hi there, I’m trying to create a custom class called BANANA, it basicly takes in the skin Banana joe, what i’ve noticed is that banana joe was not purely a .mdl file but instead two different paths of files.


It consist of more than 5 files, and i cannot add that into my shared.lua without it giving me an error. Right now i have the banana, but it is without texture, ragdoll or anything to supporti t. it shoots off guns on it’s feet sideways and such. Here is the code I have.

TEAM_BANANA = AddExtraTeam(“banana”, Color(255,255,0,255), “models/player/slow/banana_joe/slow.mdl”, [[You are a banana who is lonely.
You suffered skin cancer and cannot afford to fix it.
You have the lowest salary out of most of the roles in the game.
You are kind hearted and if you think something is fucked up in the down you do something about it.
You are then next hobo with a shotgun!]], {“weapon_pumpshotgun”}, “banana”, 1, 10, 0, true)

Please help!

Maybe try material/models/player/slow/banana_joe/slow.mdl

There is no models in the material…