Adding custom Decals to gmod

How do i add custom decals and make them work with my little swep i made that spawns a decal where i click. There is a decal folder in materials but it doesn’t seem to work.

You have to make a text file in garrysmod/scripts/decals. Name doesn’t matter.
In it you can add decals like this

    "path/to/decal1"    "1"
    "path/to/decal2"    "1"

Then you can use them with util.Decal using the names “Decal1” “Decal2” etc.


Here’s the file for some of the decals for the paint tool.

Sorry to bump this, but that decals .txt in gmod/scripts/decals, what should it be named?

I’m looking to add custom decals for contraptions (since AD2 saves decals), and I can’t find any detailed information.