adding custom models wont work!?

Hey guys! Recently i decided to create a Dark RP server. Setting darkrp is easy for me. Im no stranger to adding custom models to servers.

I would love to host a Dark-RP based on a movie (star wars, horror movies, etc). For me, adding custom models is like flipping coin, I dont know what the outcome will be!

Here i will post the EXACT steps i do while adding a model to the server AND adding it to the Fast-DL:

I first download the model, and rename it to something with ALL lowercase letters. I go into my Fast-DL, and put it into “public”.

Once all the files are transferred, I go to my servers files and put the ENTIRE model into addons.
I drag the ‘models’ file into the models folder, same with material.

I then go to lua -> autorun -> server where my resource.AddFile is there. I then add the files using Fox Warrior.

after all of that, I then check if the model is added. I used Undefnied Pointshop. I have 9 custom models total, while only 4 work.

What can be the issue here?

Any anwsers will be awesome. thanks!

******Sometimes I can see the models fine, while other people have it as a error.

You must put FULL path to the file, not just the filename, and the model must be both on your server AND FastDL, and on FastDL the files MUST be in the root directory, not in addons or whatever ( You can try adding the full path including “addons/addonname/” but I doubt it will change anything. )