Adding custom player models and weapons.

Hey guys, I have a DarkRP server and I’ve been wanting to add custom player models and weapons but whenever I add them to my addons folder and restart my server they usually show up on my weapons tab but I always get those big error signs as models when trying to use them. I’ve been looking around on google and asking a couple friends that know a little lua and they said something about adding a resource function or adding something to a new made resource file somewhere? Can someone please help me out step by step on how to add custom player models and weapons to the server? I also know that in order to have my custom models and weapons to show up they need to be set so they are force downloaded by players joining the server, I’m pretty sure that’s what the resource thing is all about. Thanks guys!

Create a lua file in lua/autorun and just add the files using Resource.AddFile(<path>)

Okay, but lets say that I’m putting a custom player model in, do I add the path to the entire folder of the model or a specific folder or just like 1 material file or something? I need some more help how to do this properly please. I don’t know what file or files to add. Might I have to add several paths if the server needs just some material files and not the entire models folder?