Adding custom player models

How do I add custom player models for classes and make it so everyone can see them with no errors. Btw my server is hosted of a dedicated server not srcds

We need some details…
Are you using FastDL?
What gamemode? (I’m guessing DarkRP)

A word of advice: If you want help, put more effort into posts. It shows you care, and it helps us.

Add me on steam please my username is desirement

You can add a little badge under your name right here on the forums that takes people to your Steam profile you know…

As for the original post, and what Samg381 said:
Gamemode (Classes?)

I’m assuming it supports FastDL if you’re running it off a dedicated VPS.

I’m not going to help you on steam if you are posting on a public forum and need help from the GMod community.

Listen to the suggestions others give you, we’re not here to hold your hand.

There is a lot of steps involved importing your own custom model on your gmod server but like Samg381 rightfully said, we cannot help you if you are not giving us enough information. I get what you mean but still, I would like specific details because if I am helping, for all I know, you could’ve done about 2 steps of my explanation already.