Adding Custom Sounds

Hello! I’ve searched around for a while and no one’s ever made a post about this,

I can’t figure out how to install custom sounds, I put the .wav files in /downloads/sound (I made the sound file) and it is even saying in my console when I do ulx playsound notes1.wav but it doesn’t play it, it instead posts this below it

] ulx playsound notes1.wav
That sound doesn't exist on the server!

If anyone could help that would be wonderful.

Shouldn’t it just be in GarrysMod/garrysmod/sound?

I’m hosting off of NFO, there is no GarrysMod/garrysmod/sound, only garrysmod and also there is no sound file under garrysmod

It’s meant to be a sound folder- just try making a folder called ‘sound’ in your garrysmod folder and put the sound in there

Okay! So sounds work for me now, but not for other people.

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They need the file too if you’re not already making them download it.

fixed, made an addon with the .wav’s added. They can hear stuff now.