Adding custom textures in hammer..

How do I add my own custom textures in hammer??

Read the sticky.


Quick and to the point.

Ok, and how does that affect what im asking?

You read it… And you find the information you are looking for?

Uh no I didn’t…

You guys are going to KILL me, but…

Making custom textures and adding them into Hammer for Source, starring 3kliksphilip
Part 1

Part 2

Watch BOTH and follow them EXACTLY otherwise it’s going to fail. I used this several times.

Oh no O_O
It’s ok, I won’t kill you. Those are the tutorials I used to learn how to add custom textures, and it worked fine for me.
Please don’t kill me…

Who the fuck cares if 3kliksphilip is the author?
As long as the tutorial is good, it’s fine.

as long as it doesn’t have anything to do with the actual use of Hammer (IE - the carve tool), then it should be alright.

Because you see one good tutorial from him, and then check out the rest which are not?

Oh wait, Ned’s right…