Adding Donator's only for pointshop items

Hi i need to know how to add Donators only for pointshop items for ULX admin addon for my server. I need to know what the commands are for donators only and where i put them. Thank you

Take a look at this group link. I’m not sure how ULX works, but I imagine you need to give groups a name at same point.

ITEM.AllowedUserGroups = { "admin", "donator" }

ok thank you but how do i change it to say Donators only when people go to buy item.

Didn’t you read Mega1mpact’s response. Put that code in your items .lua file. Then customise the ranks in the quotation marks to your exact ULX group name.

erm… yes? and i got that part working fine. im talking about the messege that pops up that says “you are in wrong group for that item” can i change it to " Donators Only" when players go to buy.

My mistake I misread what you said, sorry. I’m not at my computer at the moment I might be able to help with that tomorrow. Someone else should be able to help.

no probs lol. any help will do, its probably some easy to change i just dont know myself

Its not in the config. Youll have to change a file in the pointshop. It shouldnt take long to find it

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thank you Sm63 that worked like a charm gold star for you lol