Adding Drop Box tom my TTT Server

Ok I’m trying to speed up download times on my server so people aren’t bothered by it I tried several attempts to make it happen but keep failing to actually get the server to even start. Which makes me have to take everything out of the drop box folder for the server to run. So my question is am I doing something wrong or I haven’t set anything so it reconizes to look in the garrysmod folder or what i’m puzzled. I’ll tell how my drop box is set up:

My Dropbox/public/garrysmod/


I changed my server.cfg to have lines of

sv_downloadurl “
sv_allowupload 0
sv_allowdownload 0

Am I suppost to take something off of that I don’t know if anyone has a better guide or knows how to do this I would really appreciate it Or if I need any more information just tell me I’ll add it.

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