Adding Gamecontents as Addons!

I decided to post this because I have lately seen alot of people with this issue where they bought garrysmod on another account, while they have their games on their first one. This will help you get the textures etc WITHOUT buying the game again for your other account!
Before any of you starts ranting and saying things like “hurr durr this is warez” or “omgg pirate”. IT ISN’T! To do this, you must own e.g. Counterstrike ON STEAM as this is nothing you can do on a pirated game. Therefore, you own the game; Thus making it legal!

Also, for those who are still not convinced that this is legal; And think that you will get VAC banned, check the URL:

It don’t know if you can see this, but for me, it clearly says; After the wiki part.

SOUNDFIX; This is for people like myself. Who couldn’t hear any sounds of the CSS weapons after doing this.


Is this not rectified by Steam?

Unless you have it confirmed by VALVe, this is not how it works.
Games are limited to one account I believe. This would be like uploading the gcf for people to use.

oh look ,
thats on the wiki, it MUST mean it is legal, after all it is not like anyone can edit it


Steam EULA dictates that you may only use the games from one account, only on that account. You are not allowed to use the content anywhere else. This includes using it for Gmod content between two accounts.

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Wrong place to post that.

Good point, however, the adding game content from one account into a GMod on another is legal. Unless one of the two accounts in question doesn’t belong to you, but let’s assume they do.

You have a copy of Counter-Strike: Source in your name, yes? A copy of Garry’s Mod? You wanna use CS:S shit in GMod? Well go for it, the cops don’t care even if they’re on seperate accounts.

However, the Steam EULA doesn’t approve. So while you might piss Valve off doing this, any cop, even ones that actually know how the hell this process works, will just leave you to it.

Unless Europe/UK laws are ass-backwards about this - I wouldn’t know. I would be willing to be non-England European countries have such crappy ass laws about it, they still use the “guilty-unless-proven-innocent” system, ffs.

but valve are the ones allowing you to use their system, so for example, although it may be legal to make copies of mmo gold, as it is imaginary money, it would still get you banned from that mmo.


Complaining that it is technically legal, is just arguing the words used, the base, that steam do not allow it, remains, and that just because it is on a wiki, does not mean that steam would allow it.

Yeah. I was just correcting your terminology. I think we’re in agreement now, yes?

Unfortunately, this effectively doubles the game’s size, as you’re simply copying it to a different folder. I have used this method before, though. It works like a charm, if done correctly.

I didn’t know that everyone could edit that wiki :frown:
Still, your created page have been trashed but the gamecontent page is still there. :eng101:

it is scheduled for deletion, as is the game content page, someone just decided to blank the page I created first is all.