Adding gm_chrome

Garry just recently added the renderx library by jinto to official garrysmod. Just wondering what are the chances of gm_chrome or gm_bass being added to official garrysmod. Or if there is anything preventing him from wanting to do so.

Why not to use steam overlay browser?
It’s kinda same.

For in game scripts that require a web browser or something of that nature like my you tube player, I found that gm_chrome works much better than the normal html panel. And I’m not the only one that feels this way.

I agree, seems like something valuable to GMod as a whole.

gm_bass can’t be added because GMod is commercial and gm_bass needs a license for that case which costs thousands of dollars.
Unsure what’s up with gm_chrome. Maybe similar.

I guess that pretty much ends this discussion…
Or garry decides to invest some more of his money into gmod

Why bother in him wasting his money, when it doesn’t hurt us to place it in the correct directory?

That license crap makes me feel for making a browser through lua… gm_socket should be added atleast

Steam overlay browser is being upgraded to a webkit browser, so the HTML control will very likely become webkit as well.