Adding GMA Map Files From Steam Works to Server

I subscribed to some maps for our TTT Server on steam works. It downloaded *.gma files. I have no clue what to do with these. If I stick them on my servers map folder I was expecting some kind of decompression.

How do we use these?

P.S. - I was going to search the forums, but I guess I dont have the right permission levels? :frowning:

and regarding searching, you need Gold status to search

Thank you. Surprised this didn’t show up in my google search(however there were a TON of results for GMa and steamworks unrelated to the subject of GMod maps).

But on the Gold status thing… YIKES… That must create a lot of repeat content and kind of turns the members more into search engines of their own. Could reduce post counts if it wasn’t so. Maybe even make the forums a bit less annoying to browse for those members.