Adding Gmod 11 Derma to Gmod 10?

I am looking for how to port the Gmod 11 Derma to Gmod 10. Gmod 10 had Derma already but it was different then one in Gmod 11. The Gmod 10 Source 2007 Beta had the same Derma as Gmod 11. Can porting the Gmod 11 Derma to Gmod 10 be possible?

Why would you want to do this?

I am just testing around with the games lua coding and because the Derma in Gmod 11 is more better then Gmod 10

What are you even doing with Gmod 11 if i may ask? Like… 12 has already been out and we’re currently in 13.

I have downloaded some Gmod Classics like 10 and 11 they are Sourcemods