Adding items to Severance/OpenAura?


I recently installed Severance which is an OpenAura scheme, and I’d really like to add some more items.
I spent the whole night yesterday looking through the files, looking for only small hints on where to insert.

But, why I’m making this thread is because I simply couldn’t find it.

Please leave your creative respones in the comment section below.
(^trolololololol )

Thank you.

  • Dugehong

The file path to the items section is:

(schema name)/gamemode/schema/items/

It should be pretty self explanatory on how to code up items once you look at one item file.

I’ve done that already, I added a file there, but it doesn’t show up on the distribution list.

Try putting this in the item you coded up: = true;

That should work if I am correct, I haven’t worked with Severance but I have worked with another schema.

I love ^that guy.

Please post questions in the Questions subforum. There’s a link in the rules sticky which you should have read anyway.

I apologize for that, Grea$eMoney.
Feel free to either delete or move my thread.