Adding Lighting takes away fullbright

Hey, I was wondering, if you add ligting, does it take away the fullbright look to everything? I really want it too. Also, is there a way to make something dark? Thanks.

Put one single light ANYWHERE in the map and fullbright will turn off, and anyplace the light doesn’t cover will be dark.

Thanks, a lot.

Couldn’t you have just tried it to see?

If you want the entire level to have no light, just make a light_environment with no skybox texture anywhere in the level.

Put a Light_Environment into the map, this will light the entire map adequately instead of lighting just a small area, like a Light Entity would.

… Assuming you have a skybox, or the entire map isn’t indoors, or you set it up correctly.

The real question is why you think Fullbright is good.