Adding Lines with lua

I have created a vgui.Creat but in the window I want to add like 10 lines but I diden’t descover yet how.
I know how to add if i’m using a tab , but I don’t like it and it don’t look good, so if any one could give me a link were I could found something what can help me.
I want to make a MOTD and I want to add the rules.

What do you mean with “line”?

Example :
1.Some Stuff
2.Don’t care

10.Yes I know

You can use the DLabel to add simple text.
// use
behind your sentence to create a new line.

local Label = vgui.Create(“DLabel”, parent)
I am Royal


Just in case you mean that ‘…’ to mean a literal line, then look here for “Splitter”. I believe you can create your own panel using it to create a horizontal splitter.

If you meant a line of elements, then here:
For plain text:
For actual Derma elements:
To list actual panels, yes entire panels:

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**Oh, and for containment: **

I already resolved this personally.

Thx I used this.

You can also make a table and afterwards loop trough it; Just think it looks nicer.