Adding M9K AR to TTT server help

I added M9K AR to my TTT server successfully, but the problem is when you right click to aim down sights with a lot of the guns it just puts the gun back a little bit instead of aiming down. This is especially annoying with scoped weapons because instead of scoping down it just goes back a little. Can someone help me? Thanks.

Modify the SWEP.IronSightsPos and SWEP.IronSightsAng vectors.

Does the same work for the scoped weapons to scope in like the AUG and M16 Acog?

That’s how all TTT weapons handle weapon iron scopes.

What about like the rifle, it scopes in is what i mean how can i make the gun scope in like that.
Also, would copying the vectors of the guns already in ttt like the m16 to the m9k vectors make the guns centered or would I have to keep trial and error testing which vectors would center it?

Depends on how the viewmodels are positioned. Also, I am rendering to iron sights, not AWP or Scout-styled scopes.

How would I change the spread of the cross hairs so when you shoot it gets bigger and how would I changed how far I’m zoomed in?