Adding maps in Garry's Mod updates!


What do you think about the idea that Garry himself adds maps made by the community in Garry’s Mod updates ? It would solve the : " Oh nooo, again a huge map to download, I prefer quit the server! ".

I would like to put awesome maps ( like gm_atomic ) on my server, but new players ( or people who don’t know the map ) will be bored by the download time.

I don’t want to put a sv_downloadurl, because you have to update your LUA cache each time it changes. The problem is that my server is auto-SVN-updated, so what, I need to update the cache daily? I’m sorry but I can’t.

I don’t think it’s difficult to add 10-15 great maps ( decided by vote? ) each update.

Like TF2, to discover new maps, share your creation to everyone who has Garry’s Mod, and reduce this download time, because maps are the biggest files to download, because no one wants to wait to play on an awesome map.

Please, add community maps to updates.

Edit : I have just seen that we don’t have the right to ask about maps requests etc… But mine isn’t really a map request, it’s a " more in the game " request, I think.

Link to the map on your server’s website.

Link to your server’s website in the server name.

Or just put the map in and minge levels might decrease :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, there are possible solutions, but don’t you think it could be good to have some custom maps automatically in your GMod, with Steam?

Not really.

  1. You may need a game for textures from it
  2. GMod was meant to customize even more than VALVe originally designed the Source Engine for.
  1. Ok, imagine that you don’t.
  2. And what about customize in a total customized environment?
  1. You just can’t ignore tat fact.
    2)Gmod is highly custimizable. It was made to be customizable.
  1. At the moment you can choose playermodels of counter-strike, day of defeat, etc… Certain people don’t have them and play gmod. It’s the same for the maps, if you don’t have a CSS skybox, you don’t play this map, you can play on gm_construct or flatgrass anyway. And as I said, it could be with a vote system, so everybody should vote for fully HL2 maps.

  2. I prefer building in a beautiful map than gm_flatgrass, you can’t say the contrary, gm_flatgrass is the awfullest map I have never seen. It’s simple, that’s what it’s designed for, but it’s awful. Look at the new " colonies " maps, aren’t they purely beautiful ? They use custom skyboxes, but not CSS or day-of-defeat skyboxes, so Garry could include them in his great game, everybody is happy, it took him what… 1 min ?

  1. But the fact that the map is stuck there and you can’t use it wastes space. And the vote system won’t work, retards will vote “OMG DIS 1 BECUZ ITS CUL” and realize their computer is too shitty to run it well.
  2. So download the fucking maps yourself. It takes you, what, 1 min?

You don’t understand.

I’ll download them, but a new player who just arrived in Gmod won’t, it doesn’t even know that exists. He’ll try to go on a server, and will take a long time to download it. He will disconnect before arrived in the game.

And, why are you defending the opposite, you’ll be angry if maps are added or what, is that a so huge problem for you ?

Edit :

Enjoy the crappy 10kb/s on, it’s not MY problem, it’s a problem everyone has, so it WON’T take me 1 min.

Any browser worth a damn will give you the URL of the file. Copy it and remove “” or however that went.

I think they will just take up space that no one will use, at least flatgrass and construct are useful and they will most likely run on any single computer, but I’m sure people like to choose what maps they have, and if they voted for a different map, or different map at all, then they would be angry. I like to choose to waste space with maps I don’t play, not have them forced at me.

I just thought about a different system.

When you launch the game,a dialog box appears ( like games you need to activate a key, it appears first etc… ), in this dialog box, you will have maps to tick and untick. By default, all maps are ticked regarding your games, if a map needs CSS, it won’t be ticked until you have the game, it will be " greyed ", like that, newbies will have all maps they can install. After the first launch, you will be able to right click the game and select " map downloader ", here it will be possible to select which maps you want if you bought a game after the first launch in example. Unticking the map means that the map will be removed when you launch the game, it avoids the wasting of space.

It works, so why they keep redirecting us to this crappy downloads site ?

thats got to be the dumbest thing ever what if you had a laggy game and didn’t want new maps?

Did you read the last post?

I guess no.

I said, you could have check boxes after an update, to choose which maps you want to install, or not.

I think there should be a version of flatgrass that uses the entire hammer space and has water, default with GMod. is that asking for too much?

A HDR would be really, really good too.

Yeah man, I want all that grass to look its best.