adding maps

How do I add these maps?
they don’t appear when I put them in addons or maps.

it would be a big help.

Put them in maps.

make sure they arn’t hiding in a subfolder. the .bsp file goes right into the maps folder

flatgrass with the pit is just the .bsp file, yet it doesn’t appear in the game, even if put in maps

highlight the bsb. then open up your garrysmod/garrysmod/maps folder. then drag and drop it in there.

it’s in the folder!!!

have you checked all the other tabs, if the map doesn’t start with gm_, then it goes in the “other” tab. If you want to see if it’s loaded, open the console and type in map <mapname> and press enter, mapname being the filename of your bsp, without the .bsp at the end.

also, copy/paste the path to your maps folder, maybe it’s the wrong one or something was misspelled.

That’s the only two logical explanations as to why your map wouldn’t show up.

umm…restart garrysmod?

I’m pretty sure he has restarted garrysmod. Even if he hasn’t, in the console when you type in map, the list of all the maps are updated before it shows you the autofill. So it keeps itself conscious about new maps that are added.

ehehe I found out the problem…I put the maps in the folder graphs inside maps.

but thanks for the help guys