Adding new (custom) weapons to FTS: Stronghold

My name is Infinitext, and i own a server running the gamemode “FTS: Stronghold”.
I have had requests to add new guns to the server, how would i go about doing this?
I have downloaded a random SWEP named ‘Jihad Bomb’ and i thought it would be cool
if i was to add this SWEP to the game. Thanks.

Since the Jihad bomb addon IS an addon, it includes the usual folders (Materials, lua, sound, model and of course info)
I thought if i was to copy those folders into the server’s stronghold folder (located inside Garrysmod/garrysmod/gamemodes/stronghold)
it would work. Haven’t tried. All help is appreciated.

Try placing the addon in the normal addons folder (install it as if in sandbox) then use gm_giveswep to give yourself the weapon. The weapons name is the name of the folder containing the LUA scripts.

Thanks. That will come in handy, but i meant so other players could buy it ingame, instead of them having to use admin commands. Very helpful though