Adding New Weapons Causes Serious Errors

I’ve run a TTT server for almost a year now and things have been going very well and I consider myself very competent, having created a quite a few mods myself.

We have a lot of addons on the server, but I’ve run into some trouble, I’m unable to add any new weapons to the server whatsoever! When I do, for lack of a more precise word, it breaks everything! The HUD no longer reports traitorstate, ammo, the weapon names are missing, there’s no gun sounds, most things missing from traitorshop etc. Just generally everything gun related breaks!

The only LUA errors I am able to produce are these:

[ERROR] addons/winchester 87/lua/weapons/weapon_ttt_winchester/shared.lua:108: attempt to index field 'BaseClass' (a nil value)
1. unknown - addons/winchester 87/lua/weapons/weapon_ttt_winchester/shared.lua:108

ServerLog: Round proper has begun...
[Gundog Giantsbane|2|STEAM_0:0:27842995] Lua Error:

[ERROR] addons/exho - ttt western hud/lua/terrortown/gamemode/cl_hud.lua:144: attempt to call method 'Ammo1' (a nil value)
1. GetAmmo - addons/exho - ttt western hud/lua/terrortown/gamemode/cl_hud.lua:144
2. InfoPaint - addons/exho - ttt western hud/lua/terrortown/gamemode/cl_hud.lua:280
3. unknown - addons/exho - ttt western hud/lua/terrortown/gamemode/cl_hud.lua:404

It seems to me that something about the new addons is screwing with my weaponbase, but it can’t possibly be every weapon addon at fault, rather an addon already present on the server. How should I go about tracing this?

This happens with ANY weapon at all, from ANY base, etc?

Yes, I’ve been checking all weapons added, all have been TTTbase anyway which matches with what I already use.