Adding npcs to a Gua menu

I want to add npcs to a custom spawn menu for my gamemode. I assume that I can just make a table like you would when adding props to a spawn menu. If that’s the case then then what sort of path would I use (like how for props it would be something similar to:“models/props_lab/box01a.mdl”)?

Where you put the entities, obviously.


Thank you very much. I was wondering how I would list the normal half life 2 npcs (rebels, combine), but your post will probably help me with some custom snpcs I want to spawn as well.

Does anyone know the path for normal half life 2 npcs?

Just see the Sandbox Spawn menu code.

[lua]function PANEL:SetNPC( NiceName, SpawnName )

self.Label:SetText( NiceName )
self.DoClick = function() RunConsoleCommand( "gmod_spawnnpc", SpawnName ) end[/lua]

Sandbox gets the name of the npc rather then listing the path itself. I’m going to ethier try this or just use npcs from

No wait, he’s right. If you want to spawn a NPC manually, you type ent_create name_of_ent and not the path of it.