Adding other uses to steam collections & custom sounds

I have two questions.

I’m co-owner of a server (can access the admin panels and so forth) but I can’t manually add my own workshop items because the server owner is using them based off his collections.

Basically, he has to add workshop items to his collection before the server will allow everyone to use it.

Is there anyway to make my steam account attached to his collection or somehow tell the server to take both from his and my collection?

Also, the other question is, we’re using ULX; do you know how to add sounds to the server so you can play them in-game? I added a sound file from my PC to the “sounds” folder listed in the server and ULX claims it’s playing the sound, but nobody can hear it.

Thanks ahead of time.

No, Steam does not support multi-owner collections nor does GMod support hosting two collections. Also, nobody can hear the sound because you probably didn’t send the file to users using FastDL.

Is there a way to specify the server to select my collection instead of his?

That’s the most confusing part. How does it KNOW to take from his collection? Wherever that is, I’d like to change it to my name.

In the startup.bat file, you can put +host_workshop_collection <collectionidhere>

Thanks for the help. This solved our problems.