Adding player models to pointshop from model packs

I am using gmad converter to attempt to add player models to my pointshop, using individual player models is easy, but most player models seem to come in packs. after i use gmad converter i have the folder i need, but i am getting no lua files which i obviously need to add the players to my pointshop, im pretty sure everything else comes up that is needed for the player models, just not the lua files, can anyone help me please?


Most of the models, also these added via model packs are listed here, you just gotta look through folders - then right click on model you want and ‘copy to clipboard’

I may just be being a noob here, but i know how to add player models to single player and stuff like this, i mean adding player models to my pointshop for an online server, sorry if thats what you’re talking about im just so confused

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If it helps, i was using this tutorial it was all going great but when i gmod converter converters my player pack, it comes with no lua files like the tutorial video shows. I think this is because im using a player pack instead of just a player model but i find it hard to find the individual models as they tend to come in packs, i just don’t understand what i need to do.