Adding player models to Server

Hey, So I develop on a TTT server and I am running into some issues when it comes to Adding new player models to the game.
When i download a model off the web, i place all the folders in the right places for directories. This includes adding the Materials to materials, models to models, and autorun to auto run. I even use Fox genertor to ensure that all the files are linked to the correct directory and that players can download the models. After all of this i either get an HTTP error when the model tries to download to the server. For the info, i place each file in a custom pointshop> lua> items folder.

So how do i fix this.
And am i missing any steps?

Steps > Download file off web,Places files in appropriate locations within the server, Reload Map, Server shows the models are being downloaded, then log in and see a giant error in the pointshop.

Skype: byron.riley2