I had an idea just now. All people complaining about to much of PVP. It is like 99.99% PVP now on rust. What If:

What if adding some location where PVP would be controlled by NPC. E.G.

Add some location where would be resources and animals but it would be controlled by NPC Military. Where some kinda Military ( Monsters ) would walk around and If u hit other player they would attack you. Make them strong but not to strong. Give military guns and more health than other animals. So u could kill them but not with a bow and stuff. Make it like “Survivor rescue area”. So u could have some kinda PVE if ur in that area. It would be possible to raid houses and kill people in that area but not in the early stage and that would take more people with guns to be able to raid the house and secure perimeter from NPC Military and other players. Maybe restrict building in that area to “Wooden Shelter’s” Only. Im not sure if people will get my idea but I will give it a try.


U enter the area that is kinda big but not to big, U build urself a shack and start gathering things. When u gather inuf materials u want to build a house. To be able to build a house u would need to leave this area as u “Decided to live in rust island and u no longer require military help” . That kinda idea.

Would people like it?

Feel free to comment and tell ur opinion.

you drank too much yesterday :pwn:

Or you could just go play Eve Online.

Im just suggesting :slight_smile: Its ur opinion to agree with me or not :slight_smile: