Adding RTV features [Request]

Hi, I am using this RTV Mod. I am just wondering if someone could create a !nominate function for this and also a timer (Every 30 minutes this would create a vote).

Thanks in advance

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Also I know the creator already made a more up to date version of this with the nominate function but he ruined it with the voting menu which kinda sucks…

What does this function do?

Be more specific of what you are asking for.

Do you vote with !nominate?
What maps do you have?
How many do you want to be placed up for vote?

I don’t know but be more specific please.

^ What he said

Sorry for that,
you vote with !rtv after so many players vote it will bring up a small menu to the left of the screen, showing 8 maps and a extend current map, If the players choose extend current map then then the rtv vote timer will restart and not open for another 30 mins (unless people !rtv). If the players choose a map at the end of the vote (30 seconds) it will show a message saying something like “Map changing to ‘Map name’ in 5 seconds.” then change map.

The !nominate feature will bring up a list of all our maps and your able to choose one, the first player to use this function and pick a map, their map will be shown in first place when the vote starts.


There is a map timer, search

For the rtv, look at Morbus’ code. That was recently released, and has exactly what you are looking for.

Where can I find morbus code?