Adding skin to vehicle modell

So basicly im just asking how to add a material to a modell…

Like for instance im trying to add a skin for the vehicle corvette, I do not wish to replace the materials just simply add a remade vtf to the modell. So what ive done so far is I copied a existing VTF and repainted it and i copied the VMT and changed the path so am i missing a step? shouldnt be to hard to do this right? most guides i’ve looked at is about how to either create ur own modell with material or replace the material

Thanks in advance

Ps. I am abit tired so i might not make alot of sense =)

If you want to allow multiple skins to one model, you’ll have to decompile the model and apply the separate texures in a 3d modeling program. Then, when recompiling, you have to add these lines in the QC anywhere after $model:

One vtf changed:

$texturegroup skinfamilies
	{ "skin1(original)" }
	{ "skin2" }
	{ "skin3" }

Multiple vtfs changed:

$texturegroup skinfamilies

You will be able to change the skins later in game via the skin changer tool.

Kinda what i suspected =(
And thanks for the reply now atleast i know what is expected of me to get it to work so thanks alot i appreciate it alot =)